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The Brand Bible Offers Best Template Mockups

Are you working as a designer? More specifically, are you working as a clothing designer? If you are a clothing designer, I have a question for you. Have you ever used a mockup template in your life? If you are not familiar with a mockup template then I suggest you visit the Brand Bible mockups. We, at The Brand Bible, will provide you with a wide range of mockup templates for your clothing designs.

What is Mockup Design

Mockup is an artistic concept or design for a product or some people say it is a product in action. Depending on the product mockup can be anything as long as it can visualize the product. The mockup is often used for demonstration, education, or promotion.

Mockups have been with society in various forms for a long time. To create a mockup design it can be done by drawing or constructing the design. In the past people need to study design to create a mockup, but thanks to advanced technology, nowadays everyone can create a mockup design.

Everyone can create their mockup design for almost everything with ease, especially for creating a clothing mockup design. The Branding Bible could provide you with many clothing mockup design templates. Using these mockup design templates, you can easily create mockups by simply dragging and dropping elements, adding details, and voilà!! Your clothing mockup design is done. Also, check free mockup designs here

Why You Should Use Mockup Design

Are you wondering the reason why you should use a mockup design? Here I tell you the reason why you should do it. The reason is simple, by using mockup design you can present your not yet available product to your client or customer and by using mockup design you can estimate your time in creating a design for your clothing product.

1. Convincing your target customer

Mockup is a visualization of the product design in a real-life context. By showing the mockup to your customer or client you can presentable your product even on that time your product is not available yet. By looking at your mockup design, your customer can see the visual design of the product.

2. Estimate Your Time During Designing A Cloth Design

Creating a clothing mockup design could be either easy or difficult. The difficulties of creating a clothing mockup design affect the time you spent on making a design. The more difficult the design the more time you use to make a design.

The alternative method to cut your time making a clothing design is using a template mockup design. By using a template mockup design, you save your effort and time a lot. Check out our template for clothing mockup design at the Brand Bible mockups.

Where You Can Post Your Mockup Design

You can post your mockup design everywhere, especially on online and digital platforms. Normally people use mockup designs to support online stores including making a product catalog and posting the design on social media.

– Making product catalog

Mockup designs such as clothing mockup designs are great for creating a sample product catalog in your e-commerce. You can use the mockup design that focuses on showing your clothing mockup design.

– Showcase on social media

There is nothing wrong with showcasing your mockup design. Besides it can fill your social media and make it more lively, you can also show your design. Who knows, someone might be interested in your design.

The Brand Bible, Best Mockup Template For Your Clothing Design

If you are looking for a template for creating your clothing mockup, you should check The Branding Bible. The Brand Bible is a pack of mockup designs created by Bigpapichi. Those template mockup designs are created to help you create your clothing design easily.

In the Brand Bible, we can provide you with many template mockup designs starting from t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, caps, etc. Every design we offer contains many variations of color so you can mix and match the color and design to your clothing mockup.


Please note that we only sell digital product that comes in many formats such as PSD, PNG, ASL, and AI. If you buy our product, you will receive your file in compressed format. To access the file, you need an application such as WinRAR or Winzip to unlock the file. If you use iPad you also need a similar application to unzip the file. 

Products We Offered In the Brand Bible

There are a lot of templates of clothing mockups in the Brand Bible mockups. Here is some sample recommendation from our store:

Cropped Hoodie Mockup

USD 25.00 USD 20.00

Now on sale up to 20% for the cropped hoodie mockup. This cropped hoodie mockup pack is designed for you who need to be variated color hoodie designs to market any design you have. This hoodie mockup pack contain a PNG digital file of a realistic hoodie complete with front and back view. With only USD 20.00 you can get this pack. Enjoy. 


Fitted Cap Mockup

USD 25.00

Our recommendation for you is the fitted cap mockup design with more than 10 color variations We design this for your needs of variated fitted cap design. This pack contains digital files both PSD and PNG files of realistic t-shirts complete with 4 different angles for only USD 25.00. Enjoy.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

USD 25.00

Introduce you our hot design, please your attention to the long sleeve t-shirt mockup design. We design this for you who need to be variated colors for a long sleeve t-shirt design to market any design you have. This pack contains digital files both PSD and PNG files realistic long sleeve tt-shirts This pack is complete with front and back views and with 1 color variation for USD 25.00SD. Enjoy.


Text Style Pack Vol.2

USD 15.00

Now available text style pack vol.2 designed for you guys. This text pack is designed to help you enhance any of the designs you are working on, with only a click and your design will be better than ever. This pack contains digital (.ASL) files for Photoshop complete with more than 20 text styles. With only USD 15.00 you can enjoy this pack.

Our store The Branding Bible have a lot of template mockup design designed for you. So check it out here. See you there!

The Branding Bible still have many mockup product designs to help you market any of your design. We guarantee our product will not fail your expectation, so go and try it out now!