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There are many sources to get yourself a mockup design, for example, you can visit a web store “The Brand Bible mockups” for many clothing mockup designs. Get yourself the best original vector mockup in the town for USD 10.00, only at The Brand Bible.

The Brand Bible

When you want to show your clothing product in public or post it on your online shop, you need a design picture of the product that is called a mockup to show the design of your clothing product.

Anatomy Of a Clothing Product Mockup

In designing a product, there are some aspects that you should consider. For designing clothing products you should pay attention to the design of clothing, color design, and contrast design. Those aspects are described briefly as follows:

Clothing Design

The design of the cloth is the first one you need to consider in creating a mockup design. The mockup design you use will represent the final product in real life. Pay attention to the detail of design especially when you add some pockets and accessories or painting in your clothing product.


Color is an especially important component in product mockups, particularly for clothing designs. The use of some colors can affect your design. The product color in clothing design can affect the interest of the target customer.


Contrast is also an important component in the clothing product mockup design. The contrast of the clothing design relates to how visually comfortable the design appears. Consider the color composition and proportion in your clothing product mockup design. 

The Brand Bible Mockups Products

In the Brand Bible, we offer many mockups for your need in clothing design. We offer you low prices for high-quality and original mockup designs. There are some samples for our product.


Mockup is a visualization of the product design in a real-life context.

Estimate Your Time

Creating a clothing mockup design could be either easy or difficult.

Making product catalog

You can use the mockup design that focuses on showing your clothing mockup design

Showcase on social media

Who knows, someone might be interested in your design.

What Is a Product Mockup?

Before you get yourself a mockup design, you should know a fact that a mockup is not a real-life product. People might get confused when they see a clothing product whether it is a T-shirt, hoodie, long sleeves, or anything but they do not get any items they order and just receive a pack of digital files. Those people might mistakenly buy a mockup design.

A product mockup is a design model of what your final product will look like. This product mockup is frequently used to present a final product in a real-life context. Most online store or a designer used this product mockup for presenting their product to their customers to show their product design, so the customer can imagine what the product in real-life looks like or gets some feedback on the product concept before mass production.

With this information, you should not be confused again when you see blank clothes or clothes that are sold at a very very cheap price because they might not sell the real clothes and just sell a mockup design instead.

Get to Know The Brand Bible

If you are looking for a product mockup for your clothing product you should check this store. The Brand Bible is a pack of mockup designs created by Bigpapichi. It is an original mockup design created for you who need mockups that are easy to use and sold for a friendly price.

The Brand Bible focuses on selling digital mockups for clothing products such as sleeves, sleeveless, jorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and many more mockup designs. It suits those who need a mockup with a lot of color variants because in a pack you will get tons of color variants per design.

The Brand Bible mockups not only sell mockup designs but also offer text texture colors. The text texture color you can use in your design will help you to get a unique design for your product. You can check it out here to explore the text texture options we provide.

Please note that our products are all digital products that come in many formats such as PSD, PNG, ASL, and AI format. Additionally, to open the file on your computer, you must first unzip it using WinRAR or Winzip. If you use iPad you will need the application to unzip the file also.

The Branding Bible still have many mockup product designs to help you market any of your design. We guarantee our product will not fail your expectation, so go and try it out now!